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NAVA 58 Flag
NAVA 58: St. Paul, Minnesota  September 20–22, 2024
NAVA will meet in the state's capital, as Minnesota pursues state-flag change. 

If you would like to volunteer to help at the meeting, please contact the Organizing Committee (  We welcome your participation.
To register, visit NAVA 58 Registration.  [make sure to log in as a member]

Watch these dates:
7/15/24  Deadline for submitting final papers and related items
7/31/24  Regular Registration ends
9/8/24    Hotel Room Block expires

See information about Attractions in the Twin Cities compiled for NAVA 58 attendees by the local Organizing Committee volunteers. 


The flag of NAVA 58 blends together three influences: the flag of St. Paul, the new state flag of Minnesota, and the flag of NAVA.  The design is based on an original submission by NAVA member Patrick Barritt, revised by the NAVA 58 flag selection committee with feedback from participants in the Flag Design Forum.

The reversed chevron is a unique feature borrowed from the flag of Minnesota, a stylized representation of the shape of the state.  When the flag is hung vertically, it also echoes the shape of the city of St. Paul.  The chevron represents a “V” for “vexillology” to establish a firm connection with the flag of NAVA and many other NAVA meeting flags that also feature a chevron.  The two stars represent the Twin Cities—Minneapolis in the west and St. Paul in the east.  The five-pointed star comes from the St. Paul flag; the eight-pointed star fly references the star on the flag of Minnesota and in the rotunda of the state capitol building.  They read "5-8" for NAVA 58.  The red, yellow, and blue come directly from the flag of St. Paul, where the red represents the spirit of the city, the yellow represents a bright future, and the blue represents the Mississippi River.

The red is Pantone 186 C, the blue is Pantone 281 C, and the yellow is Pantone 109 C.

Brian Cham chaired the flag selection committee, which comprised Bill Aldrich, Adib Altallal, John Bertrand, Alan Hardy, Will Levin, Joe Pugliese, and Winn Wasson.


The Capitol Ridge Event Center will host NAVA 58's meetings and accommodations.  It comprises the Radisson Hotel, event facilities, and the on-site restaurant – Peddlers Pub.


Participants in NAVA 58 may stay at the host hotel or elsewhere.  Most events will take place there.
Our room blocks span the nights of September 18–22 (including two days before and two days after the meeting).  They are available until September 8, but we recommend reserving early as they are limited and may fill up quickly.  
If seeking to share a room, contact the registrar

Radisson Hotel at Capitol Ridge

Radisson Hotel St Paul Downtown, 161 St. Anthony Ave, Saint Paul, MN  55103, located in the Capitol Ridge building just off I-94 and across the street from the Minnesota State Capitol complex.  See its website for more information.  The cost per room-night for a single or double is $139 (plus 14.875% tax).  Buffet breakfast is included.  Parking is $15/night.  To book a room click here or when calling (651) 227-8711, mention "North American Vexillological Association 58".


will take place at the Capitol Ridge Event Center/Radisson HotelFriday afternoon.

The Preble Lecture will feature members of the Minnesota commission speaking on the adoption of the new state flag.  The President’s Reception on Friday evening will welcome attendees to the meeting. 

Optional group Dinners at nearby restaurants will be organized on Friday and Sunday evenings, followed by a special game on Sunday.

The Opening Ceremony on Saturday morning will be followed by the first round of Presentations (plus Vexi-Bits —mini presentations) on Friday and which will adjourn for lunch (provided)

See the TOUR section for more details on the tour on Saturday.

The Whitney Smith Dinner, with its keynote lecture, will be preceded by the Group Photo—an opportunity to wear and see a broad range of flag ties and scarves! 

The State of NAVA Meeting on Sunday morning will be followed by the second round of Presentations, lunch (provided), the traditional flag Auction in support of NAVA, the Driver Award presentation, and the Closing Ceremony.

The general dress code is “business casual”, although the dinner is dress-up and speakers generally dress more formally.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE  [subject to change—please refer back here often for the most current schedule.] All activities take place at the host hotel, unless otherwise noted. Friday 12–5 Check-in 3–5 Preble Lecture 5:15–6 President’s Reception 6–8 Group Dinners (optional, local restaurants)
Saturday before 9 Breakfast (if staying at hotel) 9–12 Opening Ceremonies and Presentations & Vexi-Bits 12 Lunch (provided)  /  First-Timers Lunch / Companions Lunch 1:30–5 Tour (Minnesota State Capitol & Minnesota Historical Society 6 Group Photo 6:30–9 Whitney Smith Dinner and Keynote Lecture
Sunday before 9 Breakfast (if staying at hotel) 9–9:30 State of NAVA Meeting 9:30–12 Presentations 12 Lunch (provided) 1:30-2:30 Presentations 2:30–3 Auction 3–4:30 Presentations 4:30–4:45 Closing Ceremony 6 Group Dinners (optional, local restaurants) 8 Flag Game (optional)


The tour on Saturday afternoon will visit 
the Minnesota State Capitol and the Minnesota Historical Society's History Center, both with extensive flag collections of interest to participants.  Attendees will walk there from the host hotel creating a parade of flags!


Guests of NAVA members are welcome.  Companion registration includes participation in the President’s Reception, lunches on Saturday and Sunday, the tour, and the Whitney Smith Dinner and group photo.


To register, visit NAVA 58 Registration.  [make sure to log in as a member]

Regular Registration:  US$290 (until July 31)
Late registration:  US$330

Companion registration:  US$150

Dinner only:  US$85

First Attender discount:  US$25 (off of Early/Regular/Late fee) [code = FIRSTTIME2024]

Student discount:  US$50 (off of Early/Regular/Late fee) [code = STUDENT2024]

NAVA 58 Sponsor Packet:  US$25 (non-attendee receiving the packet)

To see who's coming so far, visit NAVA 58 Registration and click on "Registrants" on the right.

To explore sharing a room with another participant, or to inquire about scholarship opportunities for young vexillologists, contact the registrar
Click here for a paper registration.