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Who can join?  We invite any person or organization interested in vexillology to join NAVA!
See the information below, then click here to join.

Member Benefits

Raven: A Journal of Vexillology—annually
Semaphore e-bulletin—monthly
Vexi-News e-blast—weekly 

Interest Area Meetings—frequently
Annual Meeting—usually in October

Member Directory
Most recent two years' publications

"Good" Flag, "Bad" Flag
NAVA Flag (4"x6")
NAVA Flag Pin

Regular membership (US$40)
is open to any individual over 17.  Regular members may attend meetings, vote on matters submitted to the membership, hold appointed offices, and serve on most committees and receive all publications without additional cost.  Regular members residing in Canada and the United States may hold elected office and serve on the nominating committee.
Student membership (US$20)
is open to full-time undergraduate and graduate students over 17, including those who have finished coursework and are working on qualifying or comprehensive examinations, theses, or dissertations.  Student members enjoy all the benefits and privileges of regular members.
Associate membership (US$20)
is open only to individuals under 18.  Associate members enjoy all the benefits and privileges of regular members except voting and holding elective office.
Organizational membership (US$60)
is open to any non-profit or for-profit organization.  Organizational members enjoy all the benefits and privileges of regular members except holding office.  They also receive preferred rates on exhibit space at the annual meeting and businesses are listed in the Business Directory.  An organizational member may designate a voting representative.
Subscription (US$40) 
Any school, library, or other institution may subscribe to NAVA’s print publications
(Raven: A Journal of Vexillology and Vexillum).

How to Join NAVA

Please click here to join.  You can pay by credit card/PayPal or mail a check.

You may also join/subscribe by mail, using the membership application.  Please mail your completed application (and payment, if not by PayPal) to: NAVA, PO BOX 55071 #58049, BOSTON, MA  02205-5071 USA.

Memberships run on a calendar-year basis.  Your membership will be processed after your first year’s dues are received.  You will receive all publications for the calendar year in which you pay dues, regardless of the date your membership was processed (unless you join after November 1, in which case you begin receiving publications the following year and renew at the following year-end).  Dues are payable on an annual basis (1 January to 31 December) and are not prorated.  Memberships lapse if not renewed by March 31 of the following year.