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Annual Meetings

Each year, NAVA holds an annual meeting Friday to Sunday at a variable location in North America.  This gathering is the largest conference of vexillologists (flag scholars), vexillographers (flag designers), vexillophiles (flag collectors and hobbyists), flag conservators, and flag dealers on the continent.

They showcase their research, discuss issues relating to the discipline, tour flag-related sites, view and exhibit flags and flag-related materials—as well as renew and make acquaintances.  When the biennial International Congress of Vexillology (ICV) is held in North America, it convenes in conjunction with NAVA's annual meeting.

See information about the next annual meeting, NAVA 58 in St. Paul, Minnesota, here.

See recent past presentations on YouTube.

Why should you attend an annual meeting?  A few reasons:

  • Stay current: Hear engaging presentations of the latest flag scholarship and a keynote address or special presentation from a local expert
  • Build your network: Create and sustain relationships with others working in vexillology and allied disciplines
  • Expand your knowledge: Meet and exchange ideas with the premier vexillologists from the United States, Canada, and around the world
  • Achieve recognition for your work: Submit a presentation to be eligible to earn the Captain William Driver Award for best paper
  • See flags: View NAVA members’ exhibits of flags and flag items
  • Eat well: Share meals, a receptions, and a banquet with NAVA members and friends
  • Provide direction: Help govern NAVA by participating in the annual "State of NAVA" meeting
  • Learn something new: Visit sites of interest and local flag exhibits in the host city
  • Build your research collection: Buy and sell flags, books, and related materials at significant savings
  • Have fun: Enjoy the company of like-minded flag enthusiasts
The Admiral George Henry Preble Lecture, delivered at NAVA’s annual meeting by an accomplished scholar, provides a public forum for a wide-ranging selection of topics important to the discipline of vexillology.  The lecture honors the leading flag scholar of the 19th century, whose work demonstrated high scholarly standards by, among other things, citing source material—something often lacking in modern flag books and websites.
Scholarly presentations on flag-related topics form the core of annual meeting programming, along with panels, workshops, and tours.  These papers usually appear in subsequent issues of Raven or Vexillum.  Recent past presentations are posted on YouTube.
Thinking about presenting a paper at a NAVA meeting?  See our Guidelines for Presenters.  

In honor of NAVA’s founder, the Saturday night event held at each annual meeting is called the Whitney Smith Dinner.  Awards and honors, including the Captain William Driver Award, are traditionally presented then, along with any other NAVA or FIAV awards.

Since NAVA 11 in 1977, a unique flag has represented each annual meeting.  The flag is often adopted from suggestions submitted by members and the design usually reflects the host city, state, or province and often the number of the meeting.  Attendees at NAVA 50 received a special handout showing the NAVA Meeting Flags 19692016 and FRQ No. 11 (December 2016) describes all the flags of NAVA in great detail.


Our list of Past Annual Meetings shows their flags and provides links to descriptions of individual meetings.