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The Shopkeeper maintains a small selection of Association publications and meeting flags as a convenience to its members, scholars, and the public. Net proceeds from the sale of merchandise help support the Association’s non-profit mission of promoting the scholarly study of flags.

raven-18-canadian-city-flag-300x449Canadian City Flags: 100 Flags from Abbotsford to Yellowknife
Raven volume 18 (2011)

The Association’s peer-reviewed journal, Raven: A Journal of Vexillology, has produced a special issue, Canadian City Flags. This milestone work contains 100 articles dedicated to descriptions and histories of municipal flags of Canada. The cities represented include the largest 67 cities in the country, at least five cities per province and territory. The book has 252 pages with color illustrations throughout.

“This important book, a first in its field, showcases the civic flag parade that began in the early 20th century and accelerated when Canada adopted her distinctive national flag in 1965. Bravo to the editor and researchers for documenting the beauty and wide acceptance of Canadian civic symbols!”

Kevin Harrington, President Emeritus, The Canadian Flag Association / L’Association canadienne de vexillologie

Back Issues of Raven: A Journal of Vexillology

Non-members may purchase digital copies of articles through the Philosophy Documentation Center’s website at Members have free access.

CD Cover

Proceedings of the 24th International Congress of Vexillology
(Alexandria, Virginia USA, Scot M. Guenter Ph.D., editor, 2001)

US$5 plus postage.

On CD: All papers presented at ICV 24. Forty articles with over 1,000 pages and 1,300 images. Includes an introductory essay by Scot Guenter and three papers in translation. Bonus features include a photo gallery, other congress materials, and an MP3 of the FIAV march Marcia Vexillum.

Also available as a print-on-demand 2-volume book from (search for “ICV 24”)

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Good Flag, Bad Flag: How to Design a Great Flag

US$2 plus postage
(wholesale pricing available).

NAVA Meeting and International Congress of Vexillology Flags—4″x6″ all mounted on 10″ or longer sticks

46 NAVA 46 (Columbus, Ohio 2012) US$2
NAVA-44-Flag-3 NAVA 44 (Arcadia, California 2010) US$2
NAVA43Flag[1] NAVA 43 (Charleston, South Carolina 2009) US$2
nava42flag[1] NAVA 42 (Austin, Texas 2008) US$2
NAVA41 FLAG[1] NAVA 41 (Glastonbury, Connecticut 2007) US$2
smllNAVA40[1]_001 NAVA 40 (Reno, Nevada 2006) US$2
nava39 NAVA 39 (Nashville, Tennessee 2005) US$2
nava37 NAVA 37 (Montréal, Québec 2003) US$4
nava35 NAVA 35 (Norfolk, Virginia 2001) US$2
nava34 NAVA 34 (Lansing, Michigan 2000) US$2
nava33 NAVA 33 / ICV 18 (Victoria, British, Columbia 1999) US$3
nava32 NAVA 32 (Ville de Québec, Québec 1998) US$2
nava29 NAVA 29 (Covington, Kentucky 1995) US$1
nava28 NAVA 28 (Portland, Oregon 1994) US$2
nava26 NAVA 26 (San Antonio, Texas 1992) US$1
nava25 NAVA 25 (Minneapolis, Minnesota 1991) US$1
nava18 NAVA 18 (Vancouver, British Columbia 1984) (size 3″x6″) US$4


Orders of 4″ x 6″ flags totaling less than US$10 are subject to a US$4 shipping/handling fee. Fee is waived for orders of US$10 or more. Canadian and international customers, please contact the shopkeeper for your shipping costs.

NAVA 43 (Charleston, South Carolina 2009) Double flag lapel pin showing the meeting flag and the South Carolina flag. US$2.00
nav2 Closeout Lot #1 US$10 for 21 flags Distressed Merchandise, Sacrifice Lot NAVA 26 (San Antonio Texas 1992)
Twenty-one flags being sold as one lot. These are fairly wrinkled, but if you put the effort into ironing them, you deserve all twenty-one flags for US$10. This is a one-of-a-kind lot.

 nav4 Closeout Lot #2 US$10 Bucks Eight, count ’em eight NAVA meeting flags:

  • NAVA 41 (Glastonbury, Connecticut 2007) US$2.00
  • NAVA 29 (Covington, Kentucky 1995)  US$1.00
  • NAVA 25 (Minneapolis, Minnesota 1991) US$1.00
  • NAVA 40 (Reno, Nevada 2006) US$2.00
  • NAVA 34 (Lansing, Michigan 2000) US$2.00
  • NAVA 33 / ICV 18 (Victoria, British Columbia 1999) US$3.00
  • NAVA 32 (Ville de Québec, Québec 1998) US$2.00
  • NAVA 35 (Norfolk, Virginia 2001) US$2.00
  • Saves US$5 off the individual prices shown struck through PLUS we’ll throw in that bonus magnet from NAVA 36 (Aurora, Colorado 2002) which by the way is photographed upside down.

We have multiple sets of this lot.

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