Volume 18 (2011)

raven-18-canadian-city-flagAvailable: in print, online (links below)

  • By Luc Baronian, Christopher Bedwell, Doreen Braverman, James Croft, Scott D. Mainwaring, John Purcell, Rob Raeside, Mark Ritzenhein, & Alison Wilkes

Raven Volume 18 (2011) appears as a special issue, Canadian City Flags. This milestone vexillological work contains 100 articles dedicated to descriptions and histories of municipal flags of Canada. The cities represented include the largest 67 cities in the country and at least five cities per province and territory. This beautiful book has 252 pages with color illustrations throughout.

This Raven volume is a sequel to the landmark double issue of 2002-03, Raven 9/10, American City Flags.

This important book, a first in its field, showcases the civic flag parade that began in the early 20th century and accelerated when Canada adopted her distinctive national flag in 1965. Bravo to the editor and researchers for documenting the beauty and wide acceptance of Canadian civic symbols!Kevin Harrington, president, Canadian Flag Association


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  • Edward B. Kaye, Editor
  • Eugene Ipavec, Art Editor
  • Editorial Board:
  • Scot M. Guenter, San José State University
  • Anne M. Platoff, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • John M. Purcell, Cleveland State University (emeritus)
  • Hugh L. Brady, The University of Texas at Austin (ex-officio)