Captain William Driver Award for Presentations

The Captain William Driver Award is conferred by the executive board to the individual who presents the best presentation at each year’s annual meeting.   Past recipients include:

[Note:   The + symbol indicates the individual is deceased.]

2016 Hipolito Rafael Chacón Ph.D. “The Global Legacy of the Estrella Solitaria, Cuba’s Lone Star Flag” (Raven #24 2016): pages 1-26.
2015 Hugh L. Brady J.D. “But It Was Ours: The Red Ensign, Dominion Day, and the Effects of Patriotic Memory on the Canadian Flag Debate” (Raven #23 2016): pages 19-54.
2014 Scot M. Guenter Ph.D. “The Phenomenon of Flag Homes: Musings on Meanings” (Raven #22 2015): pages 27–53.
2013 Dean C. Thomas “Flags and Emblems of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: Vexillidolatry in Its Purest Form” (Raven #21 2014 ): pages 95–115.
2012 Steven A. Knowlton M.L.I.S. “Evocation and Figurative Thought in Tennessee Flag Culture”  (originally presented as “Pragmatic Unity and Visual Synecdoche in Tennessee Flag Culture”)  (Raven #20 2013 ): pages 23–53.
2011 Kenneth J. Hartvigsen M.A. “Picturing Flag Violence in Civil War Sheet Music: The Case of ‘Down With the Traitors’ Serpent Flag  (Washington Flag Congress 2011), pp. 407–424.
2010 John M. Hartvigsen “Utah’s Mammoth Statehood Flag” (Raven #19 2012 ): pages 27–56.
Louis Maxime Meka Meka “Creation, Significance, Evolution, and Display of the Cameroonian Flag” (Honorable Mention) (NAVA News #215), pages 2-5.
2009 Scot M. Guenter Ph.D. “Juxtaposing Symbols in Civil Religion: The Lady and the Flag” (Raven #17 2010 ):  pages 1–21.
Peter A. Ansoff “Flags of the State Navies in the Revolutionary War” (Honorable Mention) (Raven #17 2010 ): pages 24-36.
2008 Anne M. Platoff M.S., M.A. “The Flags of the Subjects of the Russian Federation”  (originally presented as “Lions and Bears: Analyzing the Flags of Russia’s Federal Subjects”)  (Raven #16 2009 ): pages 1-154.
2007 Perry Dane J.D. “Flags in Context: A Discussion of Design, Genre, and Aesthetics” (Raven #15 2008 ): pages 43–80.
2006 Kenneth W. Reynolds Ph.D. “To Make the Unmistakable Signal ‘CANADA’: The Canadian Army’s ‘Battle Flag’ During the Second World War” (Raven #14 2007 ): pages 1–33.
2005 David B. Martucci “Flag and Symbol Usage in Early New England” (Raven #13 2006): pages 1–40.
2004 Devereaux D. Cannon, Jr.+ J.D. “The Genesis of the Stars and Bars” (Raven #12 2005): pages 1–26.
2003 Joseph E. Donovan “Two Irish Flags: A Comparative Analysis” (Raven #11 2004): pages 72–79.
2002 Peter A. Ansoff “The First U.S. Navy Jack” (Raven #11 2004): pages 1–60.
2001 Gustavo Tracchia “The Banners of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table” (NAVA News #178): pages 6–12.
2000 Kevin Harrington M.A. “The Michigan Flags Project: An Introduction to the Vexillology of Michigan Coupled with a Guide to Research in these United States.” (originally presented as “The Michigan Flags Project”)  (Raven #8 2001): pages 73–84.
1999 Mason E. Kaye “Tribar Flags – A Survey and Analysis” (ICV 18 Proceedings): pages B17- B24.
1998 Luc V. Baronian “American-Influenced Flags in Lower Canada” (Raven #7 2000): pages 47–56.
1997 Gustavo Tracchia “The Flag Monument in Rosario, Argentina.” Originally published as “Argentine Flags Monument.” (Raven #7 2000): pages 37–46.
1996 John H. Gámez “The Evolution of the U.S. National Air Insignia: 1861 – Present” (Raven #7 2000): pages 57-110.
1995 Donald T. Healy “Flags of the Native American Peoples of the United States” (Raven #3-4 1996-97): pages 1–242.
1994 Robert J. Goldstein Ph.D. “Whatever Happened to the Great 1989-90 American Flag Desecration Uproar?” (Raven #22 1995): pages 1–32.
1993 Peter B. Edwards “The Flags of Recreational Boating — A Preliminary Study” (originally presented as “Yacht Flags: A Preliminary Survey”)  (Raven #22 1995): pages 79–105.
1992 Anne M. Platoff “Where No Flag Has Gone Before: Political and Technical Aspects of Placing of a Flag on the Moon” (Raven #1 1994): pages 3–16.
1991 Charles A. Spain J.D. “The Flags and Seals of Texas” (South Texas Law Review 33, no. 1, 1992): pages 215–59.
Gustavo Tracchia “The Banners of Yale’s Residential Colleges” (Honorable Mention)
1990 Mark A. B. LeMessurier “The Signal and Commercial Flags of St. John’s, Newfoundland c.1500–c.1900” (Raven #7 2000): pages 19–36.
1989 Kevin Harrington M.A. “From Kava’s Apron to the Butcher’s Apron: Names and Nicknames of Flags” (NAVA News #24, no. 2): page 4 and page 6.
1988 Donald T. Healy “Evolutionary Vexillography: One Flag’s Influence in Modern Design.” (originally presented as “Evolutionary Vexillography”)  (Raven #1 1994): pages 41-64
1987 Arnold F. Rabbow Ph.D. “Flags: Life After Death” (Proceedings of the Twelfth International Congress of Vexillology, Flag Bulletin 28, nos. 1–4 [issue #130] 1989): pages 224–32.
1986 Alistair B. Fraser Ph.D. “Chadwick and the Canadian Red Ensign” (not published)
1985 Scot M. Guenter M.A. “This Flag Has Flown Over the U.S. Capitol” (Flag Bulletin 25, no. 4  [Issue #117]  1986): pages 147–59.
Henry Untermeyer+ “The New Flag of the City of Palm Springs” (Honorable Mention)
1984 James J. Ferrigan III “A Flag Incident in San Francisco” (not published).
1983 Whitney Smith+ Ph.D. “Vexillology and Patriotism.” (Flag Bulletin 23, no. 3  [Issue #105] 1984): pages 96–108.
1982 John M. Hartvigsen “The Brandywine Flag” (Flag Bulletin 38, no. 2  [Issue #186] 1999): pages 50–69.
1981 James A. Croft “South African Civic Flags” (Flag Bulletin 36, no. 1 [issue #173] 1997): pages 7–16.
1980 Emmet V. Mittlebeeler J.D., Ph.D. “Flag Profanation: An Aegean Perspective” (Flag Bulletin 24, no. 3  [Issue #111] 1985): pages 78–83.
1979 Robert S. Gauron+ “The Life and Achievement of ‘Old Glory’ Driver – Godfather to the United States Flag” (not published) and “Fascinating Flags of Plundering Pirates and Profiteering Privateers” (Raven #7 2000): pages 1–18.

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