Personal Flag Description: Flag Bulletin 4:1 (#13), p. 22: "The attention of our readers is directed to the new Flag Research Center emblem which appears on our cover. This was designed and executed by vexillologist-artist Louis Loynes of London, to whom we are greatly indebted. The motif incorporated a zephyr (gentle breeze) in the form of a ship bearing a flag. The zephyr is reguardant, symbolizing research, which involves looking back into history." Caleb Bach, “Behind Bountiful Borders: Pursuing a Lifelong Passion, Whitney Smith Has Documented the Origins and Significance of Hundreds of Flags of the Hemisphere,” Américas (English Edition) 54:6, pp. 40, 42 (Nov.-Dec. 2002): "In 1964, as a logo for his Flag Research Center, [Whitney Smith] adopted a design proposed by British artist Louis Loynes. It is a heraldic zephyr consisting of a ship in the form of a swan, a reminder that at a very early date flags flew from ships. Significantly, the ship’s ensign blows forward, whereas the head of the swan looks backward to suggest that to progress in the study of flags, one must examine the past."
First Name: Charles
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Last Name: Spain
Organization: The Flag Research Center
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About Organization: The Flag Research Center is the world’s oldest institution dedicated to interdisciplinary research initiatives on all aspects of flags, flag histories, and flag usage. The Flag Research Center is dedicated to furthering knowledge and advancing understanding of the human need to create and use symbols to express political, cultural, and social ideals through flags and flag-related material culture. Through our publications, public programs, institutional collaborations, digital services, and fellows programs, our expertise serves an international community of scholars and the interested public. By creating, fostering, and maintaining a robust environment for research, critical inquiry, and scholarly exchange, we seek—as did Whitney Smith—to “understand more accurately and more completely the nature of human society.” NAVA was organized by The Flag Research Center.
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