Personal Flag Registry

Personal Flag First Name Last Name Flag Description
93 Jonathan Lehmann
101 Super User
102 mem Test
184 David Martucci
185 James Ferrigan
186 Edward Kaye
187 Peter Ansoff
188 William Trinkle
189 Luc Baronian
190 David Martucci
191 Steve Knowlton
192 Scott Mainwaring
193 James Ferrigan
194 Elliott Chiodo
195 Jonathan Lehmann
196 Edward Kaye
197 Scott Mainwaring



Personal Flag Name Flag Description
Edward (Ted) Kaye Based on the letter "K" nautical signal flag, altered to form a yellow "K" on blue. Symbolism: "K" sounds like and begins the name "Kaye"; colors from the signal flag are also the state colors of California and Oregon (where born and raised). The flag forms the basis of differenced flags for other family members (see Mason Ehrman Kaye).