The Flag of NAVA

The flag of the North American Vexillological Association–Association nord-américaine de vexillologie consists of three triangles separated by a white inverted chevron. The hoist and fly right triangles are red and the isosceles triangle between the arms of the chevron is dark blue. The hypotenuses of the red triangles correspond to lines drawn from the upper hoist and upper fly corners of the flag to the center point of the lower edge of the flag and form the outer edges of the chevron. The base of the blue triangle is as long as the flag is wide and its legs, forming the inner lines of the chevron, are drawn parallel to the hypotenuses of the red triangles. The shades of red and blue correspond to Pantone Matching System (PMS) numbers 193 and 281. The width-to-length ratio of the flag is 2:3. See flag description of NAVA flag manufactured in 2016 and full size flag image. For an older NAVA flag manufactured in 1979, see flag description and full size image.


Original drawing of the NAVA flag from 1967

The selection process is described in the first issue (October 1967) of NAVA News:

[T] he [Flag] Committee composed of Gary Grahl, Tim Hill, and Linda Stock has chosen as the flag of the North American Vexillological Association the design as shown to the right. The field has the colors red, white, and blue found in the flags of the United States and Canada. The white V (an inverted chevronel to heraldic purists) stands of course for vexillology. The flag was designed by Harry Manogg.

The November 18, 1967 annual meeting minutes clarifies that the flag committee’s selection of a design and the manufacture of that design were done before the first annual meeting and the adoption of the Association’s bylaws. The design was not approved by the membership or the executive board by a formal vote, but was instead the subject of a resolution expressing the Association’s appreciation:

The NAVA Flag– The following resolution was adopted, on a motion by Mr. [Whitney] Smith, seconded by Mr. [Robert] Gauron:
Whereas Harry Manogg designed the flag which represents the North American Vexillological Association; and
Whereas a Committee consisting of Linda Stock, Gary Grahl, and Tim Hill undertook the task of choosing this design from among those submitted; and
Whereas the Dettra Flag Co. manufactured two examples of this flag and made a gift of them to the Association; then
Be it resolved that the North American Vexillological Association extends to Mrs. Stock and to Messrs. Manogg, Grahl, and Hill a vote of sincere thanks for their part in creating this uniquely appropriate flag; and that it hereby expresses its special gratitude to the Dettra Flag Co. for graciously providing the Association with the two handsome copies of the flag.

In 1991, the flag’s design was incorporated into Bylaws section 2.02.

The Association’s flag may not be used for commercial or personal purposes without the written permission of the executive board, except that members may use the Association’s flag for personal, non-profit purposes.