Flag Design Resources

Any discussions about what makes a good design for a flag is strongly influenced by individual tastes, color preferences, and your sense of proportion and balance. Not all people will like the same thing and there are many good flags that may not meet the generally accepted principles of good flag design, but they still inspire. If you are searching for further guidence on this you may want to visit some of these sources:

    • Good Flag, Bad Flag – This 16 page booklet compiled from the expert input of over 20 different vexillologist world-wide has become a classic resource for flag design.
    • Flag Maker – OK, this fun little app from Scholastic was designed to help kids create their very own flags, but its also fun for anyone wanting to experiment with flag design. So unleash your inter-child…

Some Case Studies in Flag Design in PDF format:

If you find a good resource to add to this list, sent the website link and a short description to the webmaster.