NAVA 51 (2017)

NAVA 51: Boston
Omni Parker House Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts
October 13–15, 2017

Details and additional photos of NAVA 51 in: NAVA News 50, no. 3 [issue 232] (2017).

The NAVA 51 Flag

Inspired by the original flag designed by Whitney Smith for NAVA 3 and ICV 3, held simultaneously in Boston in 1979, the flag displays the Continental Blue and Buff colors of the city of Boston. Three golden crowns first appeared on the arms of Boston, England, the place that gave the city its name. They also symbolize that NAVA 51 is the third annual meeting held in Boston. The three connected chevrons come from John Winthrop’s arms and symbolize the three mountains on Boston’s peninsula that gave Winthrop’s settlement its first name and are memorialized by the modern city’s Tremount Street, while also representing the three annual meetings held in Whitney Smith’s home town. The flag was designed by Hugh Brady and John Hartvigsen.

Organizing Committee: John Hartvigsen (Chairman), John Luc Baronian, Chris Bedwell, Jim Croft, and Ted McNabb.

The George Henry Preble Lecture

John Hartvigsen and Luc Baronian present Preble Speaker Susan Wilson with an honorarium and the recognition from NAVA.

The George Henry Preble Lecture was held on Friday, October 13 in the Press Room of the Omni Parker House Hotel. The historian of Omni Parker House Hotel, Susan Wilson, author of The Omni Parker House Hotel: A Brief History of America’s Longest Continuously Operating Hotel and Heaven, by Hotel Standards, gave an interesting and definitive account of the hotel’s history. (Her address is summarized in NAVA News 50, no. 3 [issue 232] (2017): page 4).

The Presentations

  • Historical Shifts and Emergent Paradigms: Tradition, Ideology, Sources of Power, and Influences in Flag Studies – Scot M. Guenter, California.
  • The Changing Use of Flags and a Proliferation of Flag Etiquette – John M. Hartvigsen, Utah.
  • American City Flag Redesign: A Welcome Change – Ted Kaye, Oregon.
  • The Minute Man Flag and the Army-Navy E Flag: Unifying Symbols
    for the American Home Front in World War II
    – Steven A. Knowlton, New Jersey.
  • The Second Continental New Hampshire National and Regimental
    Colors of 1777
    – David Martucci, Maine.
  • The Puerto Rican Flag: A Pilot Study in Vexillology – Carlos Alberto Morales-Ramírez, Singapore.
  • Little Leninists: Symbols and the Political Socialization of Soviet Children – Anne M. Platoff, California.
  • Dr. Whitney Smith Flag Research Center Collection – Anne M. Platoff, California.
  • The Water Protectors: Native American Nationalism, Environmentalism, and the Flags of the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests of 2016-2017 – Robert Sarwark, Georgia.
  • Influence of the U.S. and Soviet Flags on the Chinese Flag – Fei Xing, China.

The Tour


The NAVA 51 special activity was a visit to the Massachusetts state house, including its Great Hall of Flags.


The Whitney Smith Dinner

The Whitney Smith Dinner was held in the Alcott Room of the Omni Parker House Hotel. The keynote speaker at the banquet was John Hartvigsen, who has served as president of NAVA since 2014. John reminisced and shared anecdotes and insights from his years of flag studies.

Announced Awards and Honors

  • Captain William Driver Award: Carlos A. Morales-Ramírez for The Puerto Rican Flag: A Pilot Study in Vexillology.
  • Doreen Braverman Award: Annin Flagmakers (Bob Caggiano, vice president of sales).

Annual Business Meeting

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