NAVA 50 (2016)

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Campbell—Pruneyard Plaza, Campbell (San José), California USA
October 14–16, 2016

Meeting flag description, proportions and designers from Flag Research Quarterly 11: The Flags of NAVA

NAVA 50 flag: full size image

Meeting hosts: Peter A. Ansoff, James J. Ferrigan III, Edward B. Kaye, Peter A. Loeser, and William J. Trinkle

George Henry Preble Lecture / Conférence George-Henry-Preble
“The 1861 Settlers’ War,” Dr. Tamara Venit-Shelton, Associate Professor of History, Claremont McKenna College. Delivered October 14, 2016 in the auditorium of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library on the campus of San José State University (SJSU), which also serves as a branch of the San José Public Library. (The address is summarized in NAVA News 49, no. 4 [issue 229] (2015): 4).

The Global Legacy of the Estrella Solitaria, Cuba’s Lone Star Flag
, Hipolito Rafael Chacón, Ph.D., Mont.

Flag of Rembembrance 1865, Rodney D. Deal, Mich.

Branding the Nations, Michael Green, Texas

The Flag of the NSDAP and the Third Reich: The Impact of a Well Designed Flag, John M. Hartvigsen, Utah

Show Me the Race of the Nation Without a Flag, and I Will Show You a Race of People Without Any Pride: Flags of Black Nationalist Organization, Steven A. Knowlton, M.L.I.S., M.A., N.J.

The Intersectionality of Flags, Religion, and the Gay Pride Movement, Amy J. Langston, N.C.

Which Way Forward? Directionality in Flag Perception and Design, Scott D. Mainwaring, Ph.D., Ore.

Geographies of Vexillology: Learning Geography Through Flags, Carlos A. Morales-Ramirez, M.S., M.A., Singapore

An Introduction to Comparative Civil Religion: The United States and the Soviet Union, Anne M. Platoff, M.S., M.A., FF, Calif. & Scot M. Guenter, Ph.D., LF, FF, WSF, FVAST, Calif.

Whitney Smith Dinner / Banquet Whitney Smith
The Whitney Smith Dinner was held at the Hilton Hotel Campbell

Awards and Honors
John Purcell Award: Scott Mainwaring Ph.D.

Captain William Driver Award: Hipolito Rafael Chacón Ph.D.; Amy J. Langston (Honorable Mention)

Kevin Harrington Award: Carlos A. Morales-Ramirez, M.S., M.A.


  • John Adcock
  • Phil Allen
  • Peter Ansoff
  • Mary Ansoff
  • Carmen Barcena
  • Luc Baronian
  • Chris Bedwell
  • Hugh Brady
  • Jim Brown
  • Al Cavalari
  • Rafael Chacón
  • Alan Cooper
  • Rodney Deal
  • Mary Ann Docktor-Smith
  • Federico Drews
  • Janene Eller-Smith
  • Roger Eriksen
  • Henriette Essapo
  • Jim Ferrigan
  • Michael Green
  • Scot Guenter
  • Kevin Harrington
  • John Hartvigsen
  • Deanna Hartvigsen
  • Lee Herold
  • Richard Hobart
  • Dianne Hobart
  • Bea Jones
  • Ted Kaye
  • Gedi Kiflezgi
  • Steve Knowlton
  • Amy Langston
  • Parker Lewis
  • Pete Loeser
  • Marianne Loeser
  • Jack Lowe
  • Scott Mainwaring
  • Maxime Meka Meka
  • Rich Monahan
  • Ed Mooney
  • Carrie Mooney
  • Carlos Morales-Ramirez
  • David Ott
  • Jackie Pfeiffer
  • Annie Platoff
  • Michael Platoff
  • Gary Randall
  • DeVaughn Simper
  • Greg Slayden
  • Larry Soucier
  • Chris Smith
  • Randy Smith
  • Charles Spain
  • Jeff Spain
  • Bill Trinkle
  • Pete Van de Putte
  • Vanessa Van de Putte
  • Tanya Veninga-Zaricor
  • Cristina Victor
  • Cindy Williams
  • Brice Wilson
  • Judy Wilson
  • Kim Wilson
  • Jordan Yelinek
  • Ben Zaricor