NAVA 49 (2015)

Ottawa Marriott Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario Canada
October 16–18. 2015

Meeting flag description, proportions and designers from Flag Research Quarterly 11: The Flags of NAVA

NAVA 49 flag: full size image

Meeting host: Kenneth R. Reynolds

George Henry Preble Lecture / Conférence George-Henry-Preble
“The Enduring Appeal of Heraldic Flags in Canada,” Dr. Claire Boudreau, the Chief Herald of Canada, and other members of the staff of the Canadian Heraldic Authority. Delivered October 16, 2015 in the auditorium of the Ottawa Public Library. (The address is summarized in NAVA News 48, no. 3 [issue 226] (2015): 1, 4).

An Orphaned Dominion?: Dominion Day and the Effects of Patriotic Memory on the Canadian Flag Debate, Hugh L. Brady J.D., FF,  Va.

The Importance of Good Flag Design: Alternate Flag Proposals, Roger Eriksen M.F.A,  Colo.

From Flying Flag to Museum Flag, Caterina Florio, Ont.

The Flag of our Fathers? The Manitoba Provincial Flag and British Cultural Hegemony in Manitoba, 1870-1966, David W. Grebstad M.A., CD, Ont.

Survey Results: College Students, the American Flag, and other Powerful Patriotic Symbols, Scot Guenter Ph.D., LF, FF, WSF, FVAST, Calif.

The Many Aspects of Vexillology, John M. Hartvigsen, Utah

Flags for the Fallen, Steven Knowlton, Tenn.

Legends of the Triforce: A Link to the Past, Vernón León , N.Y.

A “Red Flag” to an Infuriated Bull’: American Flags, Canadian Vexilloclasts and the Origins of Canadian Flag Culture, 1880-1930, Forrest Pass, Ph.D., Ont.

The Red Ensign and the Maple Leaf: Canada’s Two Flag Traditions, Bruce Patterson, HRHSC, Ont.

Old Flags, New Meanings, Anne M. Platoff, M.S., M.A., FF, Calif. and Steven A. Knowlton, M.L.I.S., Tenn.

Whitney Smith Dinner / Banquet Whitney Smith
The Whitney Smith Dinner was held at the Summit Room on the 29th floor of the Ottawa Marriott Hotel.

Awards and Honors
Captain William Driver Award: Forrest D. Pass, Ph.D.

Kevin Harrington Award: Christoph Bartneck Ph.D. and Adrian Clark Ph.D.

Doreen Braverman Award: Advertising Flag Company—Randolph (Randy) Smith and Mary Ann Docktor-Smith

Presidential Citation: Charles A. Spain J.D., WSF


  • John Adcock
  • Mary Ansoff
  • Peter Ansoff
  • Amber Atteberry
  • Chris Bedwell
  • Jim Brown
  • Hugh Brady
  • Al Cavalari
  • Joe Cook
  • James Croft
  • Byron DeLear
  • Fred Drews
  • Barbara Dundas
  • Diana Durish
  • Eric Durish
  • Roger Eriksen
  • Henriette Patricia Essapo
  • Caterina Florio
  • David-Roger Gagnon
  • Hank Gigandet
  • Dave Grebstad
  • Scot Guenter
  • Michael Halleran
  • Robert Harper
  • Susan Harper
  • John Hartvigsen
  • Lee Herold
  • Richard Hobart
  • Graeme Jagger (Maryland)
  • Ted Kaye (Oregon)
  • Steven Knowlton (Tennessee)
  • Vernón León
  • Marianne Loeser
  • Pete Loeser
  • Jack Lowe
  • Karen Lowe
  • Ted McNabb
  • Louis Maxime Meka Meka
  • Rich Monahan
  • Carlos Morales-Ramirez
  • Edward Murphy
  • Forrest Pass
  • Bruce Patterson
  • Annie Platoff
  • Michael Platoff
  • Rob Raeside
  • Ken Reynolds
  • Reid Reynolds
  • Diego Sanchez
  • Clyde Simpson
  • Collin Simpson
  • Chris Smith
  • Larry Soucier
  • Charles Spain
  • Jeff Spain
  • Gwen Spicer
  • Gus Tracchia
  • Pete Van de Putte
  • Vanessa Van de Putte
  • Cindy Williams