NAVA 48 (2014)

Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana USA
October 3–5, 2014

Meeting flag description, proportions and designers from Flag Research Quarterly 11: The Flags of NAVA

NAVA 48 flag: full size image

Meeting host: Charles A. Spain

Significant Events

A past president’s streamer was introduced that is given to an outgoing president for display on his or her personal flag. The display of Dr. Smith’s personal flag was introduced at the Whitney Smith Dinner.

George Henry Preble Lecture / Conférence George-Henry-Preble

“An Overview of the Development of the City of New Orleans,” John T. Magill M.A., senior historian and curator of the Historic New Orleans Collection. Delivered October 3, 2014 at the Counting House, 533 Royal Street, New Orleans. (The address is summarized in NAVA News 47, no. 3 [issue 223] (2014): 9–10).


The Flag at Prospect Hill: A Response to Byron DeLear, Peter A. Ansoff, Va.

Flags and Apps: A Journey into Technology, Maikel Arista-Salado, Fla.

A Discussion of Hanging Flags at an Angle and the Degree to Which the Flag Unfurls, Fei Xing Ph.D., China

The Phenomenon of Flag Homes: Musings on Meanings, Scot M. Guenter Ph.D., LF, FF, WSF, FVAST, Calif.

The Royal Standard of George III: Mad King or Father of Flags?, Kevin Harrington M.A.(T.), FF, Ont.

A New Look at Flag Design. John M. Hartvigsen, Utah

New Slaves: Hip-Hop Appropriations of the Confederate Flag, Kenneth J. Hartvigsen Ph.D., Utah

Flag Proportions: Thoughts on Flag Families and Artistic Unity Within Display of Multiple Flags, Steven A. Knowlton M.L.I.S., Tenn.

Drapo Vodou: “Sacred Standards of Haitian Vodou, Anne M. Platoff M.S., M.A., FF, Calif.

The 20th Anniversary of Flags of the World, Peter A. Loeser, Calif.

Evolution of Treatment Options for Battle Flags, Gwen Spicer M.S., Fellow AIC, N.Y.

The Usage of Flags in the Wars During the Song Dynasty, Zhao Xingfen, China

Whitney Smith Dinner / Banquet Whitney Smith
The Whitney Smith Banquet was held on October 4, 2014 in the Fleur De Lis Room at the Palace Café, 605 Canal Street in the New Orleans French Quarter.

Awards and Honors

Captain William Driver Award: Scot M. Guenter Ph.D., LF, FF, FVAST

Kevin Harrington Award: Christoph Bartneck Ph.D. and Adrian Clark Ph.D.

Doreen Braverman Award: Dixie Flag Manufacturing Co.—H.P. (Pete) Van de Putte, Jr. FVAST

Presidential Citation: Gustavo Tracchia FF


  • John S. Adcock
  • Peter A. Ansoff
  • Maikel (Mike) Arista-Salado
  • Christopher P. (Chris) Bedwell
  • Hugh L. Brady
  • Al Cavalari
  • Byron DeLear
  • Mary Ann Docktor-Smith
  • Federico (Fred) Drews
  • Janene Eller-Smith
  • James J. (Jim) Ferrigan III
  • Fei Xing
  • Sarah Gentry
  • Scot M. Guenter
  • Kevin Harrington
  • Deanna D. Hartvigsen
  • John M. Hartvigsen
  • Kenneth J. Hartvigsen
  • Lee L. Herold
  • Debra E. (Debbie) Kaye
  • Edward B. (Ted) Kaye
  • Steven A. Knowlton
  • Vernón M. León
  • Marianne Loeser
  • Peter A. (Pete) Loeser
  • Jim McIntyre
  • Dennis F. Moore, Sr.
  • Mary Jane (Janie) Moore
  • Stanford M. (Stan) Mottaz
  • David E. Ott
  • Anne M. (Annie) Platoff
  • Michael S. Platoff
  • Gary F. Randall
  • Kenneth W. (Ken) Reynolds
  • Christopher D. Smith
  • Randolph (Randy) Smith
  • Lawrence D. (Larry) Soucier
  • Charles A. (Kin) Spain
  • Wm. Jefferson (Jeff) Spain
  • Gwen Spicer
  • Ronald C. (Ron) Strachan
  • Gustavo (Gus) Tracchia
  • H. P. (Pete) Van de Putte
  • Vanessa Van de Putte
  • Gilbert (Gil) Vegas
  • Jeanette Vegas
  • Anne Walker
  • Christina Wang
  • Lisa Wang
  • Cindy Williams
  • Zhao Xinfeng

Nonattendee meeting supporters

  • Zachary K. Harden
  • James W. Ritchie
  • Rick Wyatt