NAVA 46 (2012)

Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel, Columbus, Ohio
October 5–7, 2012

Meeting flag description: The NAVA 46 flag reflects the location of the 2012 annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio. The white arc which separates blue from red is taken from the state flag of Ohio on which a red disc is surrounded by a white letter “O,” all resting on a triangular blue field. The arc forms the letter “C” representing the host city of Columbus. The colors of the flag are those of the flags of the Association, Ohio, and the United States of America.

Meeting flag proportions:
Meeting flag designers: William M. Belanich, Jr.
Meeting flag host:

Significant Events

The John Purcell Award was added to the Association’s awards and honors program, and a memorial gathering was held for the late John M. Purcell Ph.D., FF, WSF.


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A Look at Traditional Chinese Flags across Eighteen Centuries, Fei Xing Ph.D., China

Reciting the Pledge for the First Time in Utah, John M. Hartvigsen, Utah

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Awards and Honors

John Purcell Award: John M. Purcell Ph.D.+

Captain William Driver Award: Steven A. Knowlton M.L.I.S.

Presidential Citation: Great Waters Association of Vexillology