NAVA 45 / ICV 24 (2011)

George Washington Masonic Memorial, Alexandria, Virginia
August 1–5, 2011

Twenty-Fourth International Congress of Vexillology

Meeting flag description: The design of the Congress flag was selected from 27 proposals submitted by interested vexillologists, and modified slightly by the design committee. The white stars on blue and the red stars on white represent, respectively, the host nation and its capital, the United States of America and Washington D.C. (the ICV was held in Alexandria, Virginia, a portion of which was once part of the District of Columbia). There are 24 stars in all, echoing the number of the Congress. The blue-and-white and the quartered design also recall, respectively, the state flags of Virginia and Maryland, the two states adjacent to the District of Columbia. Coincidentally, the concept of the flag is similar to the one used for ICV 14 in Barcelona in 1991, held twenty years earlier. However, the use of the stars to represent the number of the ICV creates an additional symbolic link between the ICV and the host nation and city.

Meeting flag proportions:
Meeting flag designers: Anthony C. Burton; Peggy Rose (vector artist)
Meeting hosts: Hugh L. Brady J.D., FF, John A. Lowe M.D., FF, and Gustravo Tracchia FF

Significant Event

The Presidential Citation was added to the Association’s awards and honors program.


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Awards and Honors

Honorary Membership (for distinguished service to the Association): Scot M. Guenter Ph.D.

Captain William Driver Award: Kenneth Hartvigsen M.A.

Presidential Citations: John M. Hartvigsen and The Rev. Richardson A. Libby