NAVA 41 (2007)

Hilton Garden Inn, Glastonbury, Connecticut
October 12–14, 2007

Meeting flag description: The three grapevines are from the state arms of Connecticut, and the blue-and-white colors recall the Connecticut state flag. The “V” motif symbolizes vexillology. The vector art was prepared by Michael Raney.

Meeting flag proportions: 3:5
Meeting flag designer: Dean Thomas
Meeting host:

Photo Gallery


The East India Company Flag in Philadelphia in 1754: An Unexpected Solution to a Historical Puzzle, Peter A. Ansoff, Va.

The Oregon State Flag,  Carita M. Culmer, Ore.

Flags in Context: A Discussion of Design, Genre, and Aesthetics, Perry Dane J.D., N.J.

The Flag of Americo, Kevin Harrington M.A.(T.), Ont.

American Indian Flags and the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial, Edward B. Kaye, Ore.

The Ensignment of the Romani, Whitney Smith Ph.D., LF, FF, WSF, Mass.

Ensigns of New Zealand, Dean Thomas, Calif.

Unitarian Argentine Flags in the River Plate: 1830s–1850s, Gustavo Tracchia FF, N.Y.

Awards and Honors

Captain William Driver Award: Perry Dane J.D.


  • Peter Ansoff
  • Hugh Brady
  • Roberto Breno
  • Al Cavalari
  • Dick Clark
  • Bernard Couture
  • Joanne Couture
  • Jim Croft
  • Carita Culmer
  • Perry Dane
  • Martin A. Francis
  • Carl Gurtman
  • Kevin Harrington
  • Charles Helms
  • Hal Hichborn
  • Marilyn Hichborn
  • Stéphane Jean
  • Bea Jones
  • Edward B. Kaye
  • Dick Libby
  • Jack Lowe
  • Dave Martucci
  • Janet Martucci
  • Roy McGinnis
  • Henry Moeller
  • Rich Monahan
  • Tracy O’Brien
  • Matt O’Connor
  • Peter Orenski
  • David Ott
  • John Purcell
  • Jon Radel
  • Gary Randall
  • Michel Simard
  • Randy Smith
  • Whitney Smith
  • Charles A. Spain, Jr.
  • Diane Di Tomasso
  • Gustavo Tracchia
  • Bill Trinkle
  • Peter Turek
  • Henry Van De Putte
  • Pete Van De Putte
  • Gil Vegas
  • Robert Lloyd Wheelock