NAVA 41 (2007)

Hilton Garden Inn, Glastonbury (Hartford), Connecticut USA
October 12–14, 2007

Meeting flag description, proportions and designers from Flag Research Quarterly 11: The Flags of NAVA

NAVA 41 flag: full size image

Meeting host:

Photo Gallery


The East India Company Flag in Philadelphia in 1754: An Unexpected Solution to a Historical Puzzle, Peter A. Ansoff, Va.

The Oregon State Flag,  Carita M. Culmer, Ore.

Flags in Context: A Discussion of Design, Genre, and Aesthetics, Perry Dane J.D., N.J.

The Flag of Americo, Kevin Harrington M.A.(T.), Ont.

American Indian Flags and the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial, Edward B. Kaye, Ore.

The Ensignment of the Romani, Whitney Smith+ Ph.D., LF, FF, WSF, Mass.

Ensigns of New Zealand, Dean Thomas, Calif.

Unitarian Argentine Flags in the River Plate: 1830s–1850s, Gustavo Tracchia FF, N.Y.

Awards and Honors

Captain William Driver Award: Perry Dane J.D.


  • Peter Ansoff
  • Hugh Brady
  • Roberto Breno
  • Al Cavalari
  • Dick Clark
  • Bernard Couture
  • Joanne Couture
  • Jim Croft
  • Carita Culmer
  • Perry Dane
  • Martin A. Francis
  • Carl Gurtman
  • Kevin Harrington
  • Charles Helms
  • Hal Hichborn
  • Marilyn Hichborn
  • Stéphane Jean
  • Bea Jones
  • Edward B. Kaye
  • Dick Libby
  • Jack Lowe
  • Dave Martucci
  • Janet Martucci
  • Roy McGinnis
  • Henry Moeller
  • Rich Monahan
  • Tracy O’Brien
  • Matt O’Connor
  • Peter Orenski
  • David Ott
  • John Purcell
  • Jon Radel
  • Gary Randall
  • Michel Simard
  • Randy Smith
  • Whitney Smith
  • Charles A. Spain, Jr.
  • Diane Di Tomasso
  • Gustavo Tracchia
  • Bill Trinkle
  • Peter Turek
  • Henry Van De Putte
  • Pete Van De Putte
  • Gil Vegas
  • Robert Lloyd Wheelock