NAVA 39 (2005)

Sheraton Nashville Downtown, Nashville, Tennessee USA
October 9–9, 2005

Meeting flag description, proportions and designers from Flag Research Quarterly 11: The Flags of NAVA

NAVA 39 flag: full size image

Meeting host: Devereaux D. Cannon, Jr.

Photo Gallery


Flag Display and Precedence in Governmental Circles: The Québec Case, Patrice de la Brosse, Que.

Understanding Francis Hopkinson, John B. Harker M.A., Fla.

Flags in Our Lives, Lee Herold, Minn.

‘A Splendid and Beautiful Silk Flag’: Restoring and Remembering America’s History Stitch-by-Stitch, Laura Kidd Ph.D., Ill.

Flag and Symbol Usage in Early New England, David B. Martucci, Maine

New Flags for an Old Country, Phillipe Rault, France.

The Sun of May (Argentina 1810-1818), Gustavo Tracchia FF, N.Y.

Awards and Honors

Captain William Driver Award: David B. Martucci