NAVA 30 (1996)
Fountain Suites Hotel, Sacramento, California
October 11–13, 1996

Flag description: The flag is based upon the swallowtailed flag of the historic “California 100,” the only unit formed in California to fight in the Civil War, which has white-over-red horizontal stripes. The red bear and star in the upper white half of the flag commemorates the sesquicentennial of the original “Bear Flag” of Sonoma. The sesquicentennial was the reason nearby Sacramento was chosen as the site of NAVA 30. The three golden yellow “X”’s, bordered in blue, on the lower stripe, are the Roman numeral for 30, signifying that this is NAVA’s thirtieth annual meeting. This symbolism is reinforced by the 30 “V”’s which are part of the three “X”’s. In addition, each “X” designates fifty years of history since the original “Bear Flag” was raised in Sonoma 150 years ago. The colors of red, white, and blue, the colors of the Association’s flag, are present in this flag, as well as golden yellow, which symbolizes the State of California whose nickname is “The Golden State.” A swallow-tail design was chosen because the NAVA 20 flag was also a swallow-tail, thus continuing the decennial swallow-tail meeting flag tradition.

Meeting flag proportions: 2:3
Meeting flag designers: Richard A. Kenny and James J. Ferrigan III
Meeting hosts: Richard A. Kenny and James J. Ferrigan III

Awards and Honors

Captain William Driver Award: John H. Gámez