NAVA 29 (1995)

Quality Inn Riverview, Covington (Cincinnati, Ohio), Kentucky USA
October 6–8, 1995

Meeting flag description, proportions and designers from Flag Research Quarterly 11: The Flags of NAVA

NAVA 29 flag: full size image

Meeting hosts: David S. Breitenbach, Peter Kinderman, and John M. Purcell+


Flags of the United States Air Force Museum, Glenn E. Compton+, Ohio

Rebecca Flower (1739-1814?) American Patriot and Flag Maker, David E. Coughtry, N.Y.

Research and Investigation on Vexillology, Robert Coykendall+ J.D., N.Y.

Flags Used in a Contemporary Vietnamese-American Community, Scot M. Guenter Ph.D., Calif.

Flag of the Formosan Republic (Taiwan) 1895, Kevin Harrington M.A.(T.), Ont.

Flags of the Native American Peoples of the United States, Donald T. Healy, N.J.

The Constellatory Origins of Flags and Great Seals of the Thirteen United States, Florence M. Hutchinson+, Ill.

The Flag of New Milford, Peter Orenski+ Ph.D., Conn.

Symbols of Anglo-American Unity, Whitney Smith+ Ph.D., LF, WSF, Mass.

Four Freedoms Flags, William J. Trinkle J.D., Calif.

Awards and Honors

Captain William Driver Award: Donald T. Healy