NAVA 26 (1992)

Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio, Texas USA
October 9–11, 1992

Meeting flag description, proportions and designers from Flag Research Quarterly 11: The Flags of NAVA

NAVA 26 flag: full size image

Meeting hosts: Sally Crawford, David L. Pawson, and H.P. (Pete) Van de Putte, Jr.

Significant Events

“The Whitney” award (changed in 2013 to Whitney Smith Fellow) was added to the Association’s awards and honors program. FIAV President William Crampton attended the annual meeting.


The Nevada State Flag and Some of Its Predecessors, James J. Ferrigan III, Nev.

Authentic Early American Flags in a Courtroom Display,  Martin A. Francis+, Calif.

The Controversy over the Alamo Battle Flag, John H. Gámez, Tex.

Two Banners of the Rosicrucians, Scot M. Guenter Ph.D., Calif.

The Empire Strikes Back, Donald T. Healy, N.J.

Irredentist Flags—And Other Flags with a Political Message, Kevin Harrington M.A.(T.), Ont.

Representational Politics of the Stars and Stripes, Carolyn Marvin Ph.D., Pa.

A Schizophrenic Morpheme, David L. Pawson, Tex.

Where No Flag Has Gone Before,  Anne M. Platoff, Tex.

A NAVA Retrospective: 1967-1977, Whitney Smith+ Ph.D., LF, WSF, Mass.

The United Nations: Its Flags & Poles, Gustavo Tracchia, N.Y.

Awards and Honors

Captain William Driver Award: Anne M. Platoff

The Whitney (later Whitney Smith Fellow): Whitney Smith+ Ph.D., LF