NAVA 23 (1989)
Holiday Inn Park Central, Dallas, Texas
20-22 October 20–22, 1989

Meeting flag description: The flag uses the colors red, white, and blue, which are found in the flags of NAVA; Dallas, the host city; and Texas, the host state for this convention. The star signifies Texas, as the state’s popular nickname is the “Lone Star State.” It is also used on the Dallas flag. The star is divided with two red points and three blue points, symbolizing the annual meeting number 23. The white fimbriation around the star forms five “V”s representing vexillology.

Meeting flag proportions: 2:3
Meeting flag designer: John M. Purcell Ph.D.
Meeting hosts: David L. Pawson

Awards and Honors

Captain William Driver Award: Kevin Harrington M.A.(T.)