NAVA 20 (1986)
Bordentown Sheraton and Trenton War Memorial, Trenton, New Jersey
October 10–12, 1986

Meeting flag description: The flag contains the Roman numeral “XX” to indicate the number of the annual meeting. The canton bears the NAVA flag, while the blue lower hoist field and the yellow lower fly field reflects the civic flag of the host city of Trenton, New Jersey, a vertically divided bicolor of blue and yellow. The flag is swallow-tailed and its shape recalls Trenton’s military past, as it was the site of two Revolutionary War battles. This flag began a tradition of designing swallow-tailed decennial meeting flags.

Meeting flag proportions: 2:3
Meeting flag designers: Donald T. Healy and James J. Ferrigan III
Meeting flag host: Donald T. Healy

Awards and Honors

Captain William Driver Award: Alistair B. Fraser Ph.D.