NAVA 18 (1984)
Hotel Georgia, Vancouver, British Columbia
October 5–7, 1984

Meeting flag description: The green-colored hoist symbolizes the peninsula on which Vancouver lies. In the center of the hoist in white arc a crossed ax and oar, representing the timber and shipping industries respectively. These two symbols are derived from the Vancouver civic badge and also appears on the civic flag. Framing the green hoist is a white “V” on its edge, with its point towards the fly, fimbriated red, white, and dark blue, the colors of the NAVA flag. The “V” represents vexillology. The fly of the flag is white with three wavy blue lines representing the ocean. The crossed ax and oar form an “X” and “V,” and along with the three stripes, create the Roman numeral “XVIII,” which is the meeting’s.

Meeting flag proportions: 1:2
Meeting flag designer: Ralph G. Holberg III
Meeting flag host: Doreen Braverman

Awards and Honors

Captain William Driver Award: James J. Ferrigan III