NAVA 17 (1983)
St. Moritz Hotel, New York City, New York
October 14–16, 1983

Meeting flag description: The flag has a white field and is divided diagonally in a saltire with a blue hoist and orange fly, the colors of the New York city flag. The saltire-cross motif has multiple symbolism. It suggests the jack of the Netherlands, the first European power to colonize this area; the city’s maritime significance as a port-of-call for cargo and humanity; and it forms a “V” for vexillology. The apple reflects the city’s common nickname, which is “The Big Apple” The color red on the apple, in addition to the white and blue, completes NAVA’s livery colors in the flag. The “cutout” 17 within the apple can be viewed correctly on both the obverse and reverse of the flag and signifies this will be NAVA’s 17th annual meeting. The “1” in the “17” is arched at each end to honor the l00th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1983, as the towers on this famous landmark feature such arches. The entire apple is intended to resemble a New York City subway token.

Meeting flag proportions: 2:3
Meeting flag designer: Phil Allen
Meeting flag host: C. Randolph Beard

Awards and Honors

Captain William Driver Award: Whitney Smith Ph.D.