NAVA 16 (1982)
William Penn Hotel and National Flag Foundation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 8–10, 1982

Meeting flag description: The colors black and yellow are taken from the civic flag of Pittsburgh, the host city of NAVA 16. The sixteen stars signify this is the 16th annual meeting, while the unique star design denotes a meeting of close friends. The yellow isosceles triangle, which has its base along the hoist with its apex halfway up the fly edge of the flag, represents Pittsburgh’s famous Golden Triangle. This is the downtown site where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers join to form the Ohio River and where NAVA 16 was held.

Meeting flag proportions: 2:3
Meeting flag designer: Alfred Znamierowski
Meeting host: George F. Cahill

Awards and Honors

Honorary Membership (for distinguished service to the Association): Robert S. Gauron

Captain William Driver Award: John M. Hartvigsen