NAVA 15 / ICV 9 (1981)

NAVA flag 15 - ICV 9

National Archives, Ottawa, Ontario
August 24–27, 1981
Ninth International Congress of Vexillology

Meeting flag description: The red maple leaf, the premier symbol of Canada, is displayed prominently on this flag. Superimposed on the maple leaf is a white silhouette of Canada’s Parliament Building, with its distinctive Peace Tower, which has become a symbol of its parliamentary traditions for this nation. The combination of these two symbols in Canada’s national colors of red and white identify the nation of Canada and its capital, Ottawa, as host to both ICV 9 and NAVA 15. The nine upper leaf points on the maple leaf represent the number of this International Congress of
Vexillology. The three “V’s” (representing the Roman numeral V) indicate the number of the NAVA meeting. The white “pile” or “V” and two inverted “chevronels” together represent
vexillology. The square banner is a reminder of Canada’s heraldic customs.

Meeting flag proportions: 1:1
Meeting flag designer: Whitney Smith Ph.D.
Meeting flag host: The Rev. D. Ralph Spence

Awards and Honors

Captain William Driver Award: James A. Croft