2017-2018 Officers and Editors / Officiers et rédacteurs

All officers and editors are appointed by the president and approved by the executive board.

Raven: A Journal of Vexillology Editor:  Pending

Flag Research Quarterly Editor:  Steven A. Knowlton, Princeton, New Jersey *

NAVA News Editor:  Steven A. Knowlton, Princeton, New Jersey *

Web Site Editor: Pete Loeser, Morgan Hill, California

Social Media Editor: Scott Mainwaring, Seattle, Washington

Digital Library Director:  Anne M. Platoff, Goleta, California

Protocol Officer: James J. Ferrigan III, Reno, Nevada

Registered Agent: Ernest E. Aitchison, Orland Park, Illinois

Media Relations Officer: Pending

Auditor: Pending

Parliamentarian: Pending

Shopkeeper: Pending

* Flag Research Quarterly and NAVA News are being combined into a single publication, with Steven A. Knowlton as editor.